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Rigorous Academics

Our elementary school curriculum is designed to help children fall in love with learning, through gaining a strong foundation of core knowledge and critical thinking skills. Our scholars will read fiction and nonfiction, conceptually solve math problems, understand scientific inquiry, find their own voice to respond to questions, collaborate on class projects, and discover their talents.


Reading & Writing

We believe that nothing is as fundamental to a school’s mission as teaching young children to learn how to read and love it. Teaching our scholars to be critical readers and writers is the foundation to everything we do at GANAS Academy. Our curriculum introduces scholars to great literature and emphasizes analyzing the powerful ideas conveyed in texts.


It is a core mission of GANAS Academy that every scholar be prepared to be a confident user of mathematics, a powerful quantitative thinker, and a productive problem solver. Our mathematics program balances mathematical skills, concepts and applications, with instructional practices that emphasize explanation and number sense. We devote 90 minutes daily to mathematics instruction and are committed to building a mathematics program that actively engages scholars in learning experiences that stimulate curiosity, inquiry, joy, and deep understanding of mathematics.



Our science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which is an inquiry-based approach to science. At the core of this approach is the ability to identify, ask, and answer scientific questions. Science presents a unique opportunity to foster a child’s natural curiosity and it is our job to inspire scholars to fall in love with science through inquiry and discovery.


Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum further develops our scholars' literacy skills by engaging with complex, informational texts. Social Studies is an opportunity for scholars to critically think about and discuss questions about self, community, and the world, and applying that learning to their own lives. The progression of knowledge acquisition complements student development and understanding of society.  


Technological Literacy

Technology will be built into the curriculum in every subject, so that scholars develop familiarity with different applications and confidence in using them. Starting in Kindergarten, all scholars receive a free Chromebook and learn to use technology appropriately and as an effective tool to expand their learning.



Character Development

Students who succeed develop more than just academic knowledge and skill—they possess exceptional strength of character. We explicitly develop in our scholars both academic ability and the social-emotional skills necessary for lifelong success and happiness.

Character development continues outside the classroom walls and provides our scholars with the tools to navigate any environment. We will develop our scholars’ strength of character with the same explicitness as their academic knowledge, teaching our scholars how to make smart decisions and act on them, which will allow them to become confident in their ability to overcome any obstacle and allow them to live happy, meaningful, and productive lives.



Twice a day our scholars will engage in mindfulness practice. Research has shown that learning mindfulness can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, increase focus and self-regulation, and improve academic performance and sleep.


Choice Time

This is a dedicated time in our schedule that focuses on play—for 45 minutes daily, four days a week. During Choice Time, scholars choose among stations dedicated to sensory materials (clay, play dough), building materials (Legos, tinker toys), dramatic play, art, reading, creative writing, and board games. Choice Time gives our scholars a chance to demonstrate greater self-advocacy, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and communication skills.


Field Studies

We believe in the development of the whole child. Part of this development will include field-based experiences, or Field Studies, that will provide scholars an opportunity to connect curriculum to contemporary problems outside of their classroom. Field Studies will include field trips (outside of campus), assemblies (inside of campus), college visits, overnight trips, and team building outings. Los Angeles has a lot to offer and, with the Field Studies program, we will ensure that our scholars have the same opportunities as their peers across the city.